Maua’s Kitchen and Takeaways

Lilian Nabora FASDO General, FASDO News, Support

Did you know that legacy is found in the sustainability of any programme? This is true for us as well. Through our visionary leader, Madam Lilian Nabora, we have decided to redefine ourselves in the area of self sustenance and interdependence by the launching of Maua’s Kitchen and Takeaways. Any growing organization has to find it’s ways to fund their cause towards development. We have decided to fund our cause through the entrepreneurial investment that will take place at our new headquarters. We will establish the kitchen and takeaway of which the aim is to provide food services in the form of takeaways at Temeke and help people get the services at their locality. We will have great quality services of the highest degree to meet the growing need of the area at Temeke to provide quality and nutritious food. You can look forward to the opportunity of learning at our kitchen with cooking and baking skills coming in the future.