Bongo Style

Lilian Nabora Competitions, Fashion

The renowned and famous competition is run with the aim to explore, identify, train and provide funds to the winners which help them to establish their own brands and works. Since 2015, we have been running this competition and have managed to provide funds to more than 10 winners, provide training to more than 50 youths and have received applications from all over the country from more than 1000 young people. The living example and testimony of the impact of this competition can be seen through Agnes Nyahoga who now has her own brand called Giftedhand; Lilian Patropa; Makeke Africa; Zagamba who has won several awards in the area of short films; Daniel Msiriz who is doing greatly in the area of photography; and others whom we, if we had to mention them all, would need to be scrolling down this page for a while.

Next year 2020, we are planning to hold the Bongo Style Competition again in new and innovative ways. We expect to reach many more people and to have a great impact on society.