Bongo Style Competition

Fashion • Photography • Script Writing

The Bongo Style Competition aims to recognize, reward and support young fashion designers, photographers and script writers and encourage young people to raise the value of African art and culture. This competition is solely for young people under 28 years of age in Tanzania.

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FASDO Cup Football Tournament

The FASDO Cup is a football tournament which aims to promote football talents among the youth. We use this as a way of discovering, nurturing and developing football talents ultimately so that they can become professionals and generate an income through football, hence participating in eradicating poverty.

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Namimi Nipo (I also exist) Competition

Arts • Crafts • Science & Technology Innovations

The Namimi Nipo (Swahili meaning for “I also exist”) Competition focuses on those young talents interested and/or skilled in drawing & painting, handicraft and science & technology innovations. We want to find, cultivate and motivate young people to use their talents and skills in creating things which can help them grow businesses.

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Mbalamwezi Music Challenge

Instruments • Vocals • Dance

This challenge is held in honour of Dullah Mbalamwezi Acoustic, one of the first youth to join FASDO when it started in 2009. His young life was brutally cut short on 16 August 2019 at the tender age of 27 years. FASDO will continue to promote the music of the youth in Tanzania to honour his legacy.

How to enter