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Dhuluma (Injustice) is a Swahili film about orphan children. Their uncle comes to take care of them in their father's home. At first all goes well, but then they become unwanted and lose their inheritance of their home. A kind neighbor helps them go to court and get their house back so that their future is secured. This film brings to light the social injustice which is common to children in Tanzania. Produced by Faru Arts and Sports Development Organization and written and directed by Chande Nabora. Filmed by Brendon Church of

Zinduka,a Swahili HIV AIDS film with English Subtitles. This is a social activism film by FASDO about a girl who contracts HIV/AIDS and how her life and those of her friends and family change. It is set in Temeke, an area of Dar es Salaam Tanzania Africa.

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