Children and Youth are normally very creative, curious and full of insights. We want to find these whiz kids and help nurture their minds to become future thinkers and solvers of Tanzania, Africa and the world problems at large. This competition intends to create new mindset for the positive change among youth and the community in general. As a result to establish a system for teaching the use of traditional and other media to encourage the youth to produce products to use in the digital age and establish a career networking system. 

Participants will be any talented and skilled kids whether in or out of school; who are passionate at creating things where basic sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics as well as technology are involved.


  • Don't be limited to common Science Fair Project Ideas !
  • SUBMISSION: Please send us a FULL/COMPLETE description of your work and keep the original saved. We'll ask you eventually to give it to us !
  • The full description shall include:
    • Abstract
    • Motivation, stating the problem that you were originally concerned with
    • Question and Hypothesis
    • Methodology (Materials and followed procedures as well as the performed experiments)
    • Results: Explanation of what was find out.
    • Conclusion
    • Recommentations, Outlook, Future applications
  • Please submit a picture of a poster and/or the prototype (when applied)

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