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Children and youth at FASDO Center

Children and youth at FASDO Center are happy to have visitors from UK and USA. We would like to thank you all who have been supporting our center with all you have given! These children and youth still need a lot of help, especially volunteers to teach different skills from English language, computer, music, theater, sports and all that you can. For this month of July 2012 children and youth at the center have been enjoying the teaching from Chloe Bracewell from The University of Nottingham, UK and the visitation of Emily Pontarelli and her group from Pittsburgh University, USA.

Donation of computers and cameras to FASDO youth

Here are the photos from Chande as he handed over two mini Acer laptops and one compact camera Canon to the two Fasdo youth to enable them to blog their lives and life around them. The laptops are donation from Dr. James Lace.  Also we have now moved from the rented house to our new office building which has a fence and a stage. This has been done to cut down rental cost.

Umoja Fashion Show Begium presents Bongo Style Fashion For Kids to promote FASDO Tanzania

Brussels, 17th March 2014, in a effort to promote FASDO in Belgium community, Umoja Fashion Show Belgium has included Lilian Nabora as one of the designers in the upcoming show 23rd March 2014. Lilian Nabora will showcase collection with the name Bongo Style Fashion for Kids. This collection has been tailor made for it’s model. The goal of this collection is to use fashion to make a statement and bring awareness of FASDO’s efforts to develop children and youth talents in Temeke, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Miss East Africa 2012 Leading Contestants visited FASDO Tanzania

Thursday 13th December 2012, 11 leading contestants at Miss East Africa 2012 from different countries visited FASDO ( Faru Arts and Sports Development Organization) Center in Tandika, Dar Es Salam. Children and youth at the center greeted them and had time to talk and play together. FASDO traditional dance group and artist Ibrahim performed few songs and dances for the visitors. It was a happy day for all the children, youth and FASDO team. Many thanks to the organizers for making this visit possible.


FASDO unites the youth with Sports. Our Football team is very good and learns to both work together and work for their futures! Not everyone can become a professional sports player, but the regiment of teamwork, hard exercise, and accuracy teaches these young men important workplace habits for success. Sports are a center point in the community which we enjoy and can use as foundation to both teach and grow with in areas of other skill sets.


Children are our future so we must help them and lead the way through education both in the classroom at school and even more importantly in the home. Kids learn from our example, they look to their peers for guidance, and they decide for wise or foolish choices based on the knowledge they learn. Please help FASDO with the development of youth in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania!

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