Lilian Nabora

FASDO position: 

Lilian Nabora, mother of three children, originally from Tanzania, currently resides in Leuven, Belgium.  She received her degrees from GroupT Belgium in Information Technology and Enterprising Communications.  She is currently working with the Botswana Embassy in Brussels in administration as Supplies Officer.  She holds a Master of Arts in Governance and Development Policy from Universite de Paris sud 11, Center for European Research for International Strategies, Brussels.

During a visit to Tanzania in 2008 she mobilized a team of 20 people from the Temeke district in Dar es Salaam.  She was raised in this district. She and this core group started an organization with the main objective of using arts and sports to help children and youth from this poor community to escape the cycle of poverty and HIV/AIDS. In 2009 the organization was registered as Faru Arts and Sports Development Organization (FASDO). Since the start of FASDO, Lilian has been coordinating all of its activities. In 2010 she teamed up with Rodney Colley, CEO Mobile Device Developers, USA and Dr. James Lace, pediatrician in active practice in Salem, Oregon, to form FASDO Information Technology and Innovation Center with the main objective to bridge the widening gap between the information-rich North and the information-poor South by empowering children and youth in Information Technology and Innovation.

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