Lilian Mkony

FASDO position: 

Lillian Mkony, a consultant and community mobiliser is the Founder & Managing Director of the Epitome of Excellence Ltd the company dealing with Consultancy on the areas of Agriculture, Business and Finance Development, Community development, Gender and Renewable Energy. The company also improves implementation efficiency of projects and programs by analyzing the sustainability of undertakings through Project Reviews and Evaluations.

Fulfilling her passion, she deals with Early Childhood development and Youth, founding Kids Fun Daycare & Preschool and facilitates Youth Self Awareness programs to secondary schools. Kids Fun Daycare caters for the kids from two years, providing a quality early childhood education and family solution by providing fun, safe, caring and improved environment that promotes learning and the development of the Child as a whole.  Lillian is a holder of Bachelor of Business Administration and Diploma in Cooperative Management which enables her to work smoothly with rural communities. She has experience of working with different funding organization; including donor funding, public funds and grants agencies. She is familiar with how to deal with people of different nationalities and behavior and can easily adapt to new systems and technologies. She is Associate Member of TaREA (Tanzania Renewable Energy Association) and has been a member of GRASP (Global and Regional Advocacy for Small Producers). Lillian is fluent in both spoken and written English and Swahili. 

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