BONGO style fashion

Bongo Style Fashion was created as a way of promoting and bringing awareness about FASDO Tanzania, NGO that deals with children and youth to develop their talents in arts and sports. This organization is located in Temeke, Dar es Salaam. FASDO Tanzania needs partners, supporters and Volunteers. If you are interested to be a partner, supporter or volunteer please contact us. Be delighted with the following videos to cath up with Bongo Style Fashion's activities:

Presence of Bongo Style at ACP House Brussels during the International Women's Day 2015

The next video shows our presence during the Lauching Ceremony of East African Inter-cultural Association in Brussels on April 2015.

The following video is from march 2014, where FASDO Bongo Style Fashion was showcased for the first time during Africa Film Festival Belgium at Umoja Fashion Show. In this new year 2015, we are looking forward for the upcoming shows.

This is a Bongo Style Fashion Photo shooting made on December, 2014

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