1. Introduction

Faru Arts and Sports Development Organization (FASDO) is a non-government organization established in the year of 2009 with a view to promoting arts and sports talents among the youths. In this endeavour, FASDO has conducted a number of activities including film making and training in traditional dances. In the year 2015, FASDO, for the first time is about to organize a Football Tournament that will be known as "FASDO CUP" The Cup will be organized on annual basis and each Tournament will carry a message to the society. Since in 2015 there will be Tanzania General Elections, the message for this year's Competition will be “Free and Fair Election For National Development".

2. Purpose of the Tournament

It is worthy to note that the rationale behind the establishment of FASDO is to discover, nurture and develop youth talents in arts and sports. In achieving those objectives, FASDO is set to organise FASDO Cup so as to promote football talents among the youths. In this endeavour, FASDO intends to make the Competition a way of discovering, nurturing and developing football talents among the youths and ultimately making them professionals. This will make the talented youths to generate their income through football and hence participate in eradicating poverty.

3. Modus Operandi of 2015 FASDO CUP

The 2015 FASDO Cup will involve sixteen teams that will be divided into four groups with four teams each. The first and second winner of each group will qualify to quarter finals, semi finals and eventually a final.

Any team that intends to participate in the Tournament will be required to apply by filling the forms which will be available at FASDO Office, Kipungo Road, Dar es Salaams. The forms will be issued free of charge so as to comply with FASDO's objectives of promoting arts and sports talents among the youths.

4. Type of participants

The Tournament is set for youths of under twenty years of age so as to go along with the FASDO's objectives. Besides, to make the Competition a effervescent and successful one, the Organizers will invite four major teams in the country to bring their under twenty years team. In order to achieve the objectives of the tournament, various Tanzania football stakeholders will be invited to observe the talents of those participating youths. These will include teams that are participating in the Tanzania Premier League, coaches and football scouts.

5. Schedule of Tournament

The Tournament is anticipated to start on the second week of February 2015 up to end of March 2015.

6. Number of matches

In the four groups every team will play three matches (3) there for every group will have six matches (6), for the four groups will be twenty four matches (24) then quarter final four matches (4)

Semi final two matches (2)

Final one match  (1)

The total number of matches is thirty one (31)

7. Awards

Teams will get one football each for the sake of competition preparations

First winner        Tsh  2,000,000.00

Second winner   Tsh  1,000,000.00

Third winner       Tsh     500,000.00

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