September 2011

Zinduka with english sub titles

Zinduka,a Swahili HIV AIDS film with English Subtitles. This is a social activism film by FASDO about a girl who contracts HIV/AIDS and how her life and those of her friends and family change. It is set in Temeke, an area of Dar es Salaam Tanzania Africa. Chande Nabora, the Director of FASDO, was both the writer and director of the movie Zinduka. He worked long hours with all of the actors and actress, lighting assistants, sound engineers, cameraman, and editor to make sure this project was a success!

New video of the grand opening ceremony

With joyous celebration many guests from around the world came for the grand opening ceremony of the new Faru Arts and Sports Development Organization center in Temeke Dar es Salaam Tanzania. All of the youth practiced so hard for the various dramas, dances, music, arts, and Football presentations. Many thanks to all to our special guests who joined us, to the staff for their guidance, and for the donors who stand by us in this mission of outreach to the community.

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