August 2011

FASDO Soccer Teams

After the grand opening of the new FASDO community center, all the members of the football teams had nice game. With the donation of uniforms, protective gear, and soccer balls everything looked great. Each of the sports jerseys was printed with ‘FASDO’ and each team member wore them proudly. It is great to see how the organization, training, and discipline is developing in these young men a sense of belonging and achievement. Thanks to Nike and all who continue to support FASDO with community building using sports to reach the youth of Temeke, Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

Practicing for the FASDO Grand Opening

All of the FASDO youth practiced tirelessly for many weeks for the special grand opening of the FASDO center in Temeke. The drama troop, the singing groups, the artists, the football teams all gave 110% to the preparations for the special day when the guests would arrive from the Europe and the United States. Lilian and Chande Nabora have been and continue to give their all for the community through this organization.

Grand Ceremony for FASDO Youth

The special day that everyone had prepared for had finally come! A large bus of guests arrived from the United States, including Senator Jackie Winters and Dr. James Lace both who greatly support the development work of FASDO. The dance and musical groups sang, the drama troop performed, the Football teams played, everyone ate and had a very nice time together. Faru Arts and Sports Development Organization is reforming what community service looks like and drawing record numbers of youth to get involved.

FASDO Computer School

FASDO now has a new computer training school in Temeke, Dar es Salaam. The computers were a generous donation by Dr. James Lace of the United States. These computers will be used to train youth in Graphics Design, Video editing, Sound editing, and many other practical computing skills. Each system is a tool in the hands of an eager student and devoted teacher to lead and guide in talents that will empower their lives.

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