In FASDO we are guided by our mission towards: Promoting and developing children and youth talents in arts and sports, encouraging children and youth to work together and rehabilitating, rescuing and protecting youth from drugs abuse, HIV/AIDS, family or social disintegration and prostitution.


FASDO vision is to see the increase in youth employment through their talents. We believe that unbecoming manners in our society are mostly caused by unemployment.


Towards achieving and fulfilling its’ vision and mission respectively, FASDO has objectives for which it was established. These objectives are:

  • Explore, coordinate and enhance various arts and sports talents among the youth.
  • Nurture talents in youth for the purpose of developing them to become professionals in the near future.
  • Coordinate resources and mobilize efforts for developing arts and sports talent in youth.
  • Build sports academy, arts centers and schools with a view to exploring and developing talents in youth.
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders in the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • Offer rehabilitation services for children and youth who are rescued from drug abuse, prostitution and other unbecoming manners.
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